Flagship United Mortgage … When Your Career and Life Matters!

Our mission at Flagship United Mortgage Corporation is to make obtaining a mortgage loan simple, close quickly, and be aligned with the homeowner’s long-term financial goals.
Vision: To create a company with the highest customer satisfaction ratings and employee retention rates in the mortgage industry.

Flagship exists to improve the quality of life for its clients and employees!

Flagship United Mortgage … When Your Career and Life Matters!

Better Career Opportunity
  • Be your own CEO. Make decisions on marketing, staffing, compensation, pricing, and the operations of your team.
  • Work-life balance. Long-term strategic plan for success and financial independence.
  • Focus on your career by building your brand and team.
  • Be a leader in your community/market. Opportunity for exclusivity.

Better Pricing and Compensation
  • Open book/raw pricing model.
  • Entrepreneurial and aggressive compensation model.
  • Control the pricing of your loans.
  • Benefits available, including IRA with company match.

Better Products and Programs
  • Multiple lenders with various programs.
  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, Non-QM, Hard-Money, and Reverse.
  • Control where to place your business.

Better Processes and Performance
  • Technology-driven platform.
  • Multiple processing options.
  • CRM to stay in touch with your clients.

Better People
  • Trustworthy and transparent leadership team.
  • Open communication with the leadership team.
  • Experienced and successful leadership.

    Flagship United Mortgage … When Your Career and Life Matters!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.    Why should I join Flagship?

    You should join Flagship if you are looking to build a better career by being a leader in your market. In addition, to providing producing area managers with leading infrastructure and business models, Flagship will invest in your success and brand.

    2.    What lenders are Flagship approved to do business with?

    Flagship is approved to broker loans to United Wholesale Mortgage, Quicken Loans, loanDepot, Flagstar Bank, Caliber Home Loans, Home Point Financial, the lender, Nations Direct Mortgage, Lima One Mortgage, and Sprout Mortgage.

    3.    Will Flagship get set up with my favorite lender?

    Yes. Flagship will get set up with your favorite lender. This is usually completed within 5 business days of the request.

    4.    Can I use my own processor or favorite contract processor?

    Yes. You can utilize your own processor or favorite contract processor. Flagship may require you to use a corporate processor or approved contract processor to process the first few loans so that the transition can go smoother.

    5.    In what states is Flagship licensed?

    Flagship is currently licensed in OH, FL, TX, PA, CO, and CA.

    6.    Can I write loans in all states where Flagship is licensed?

    You can only originate mortgage loans in states where you are individually licensed, and your branch office (if applicable) is appropriately licensed under state guidelines. If you come across a client in a state you are not currently licensed in, you can apply for an individual license and originate the mortgage or refer the potential clients to our United division team.

    7.    What are Flagship’s expansion plans?

    Flagship believes in hiring successful, motivated, and customer-focused mortgage sales professionals as area sales managers. We intend to strategically partner with these individuals to be difference makers in their markets. We plan to get licensed in 20-25 states and partner with 40-50 area sales managers within 5 years.

    8.    Who applies for the licenses, surety bonds, and E&O insurance?

    These are all functions of the corporate office. However, branch licensing costs are allocated to the area sales manager's profit and loss. Loan officer licensing costs for the area sales manager and any loan officers on their team is the licensee's responsibility.

    9.    What benefits does Flagship offer to its employees?

    A simple IRA with company match, medical, life, and dental benefits are available for all full-time employees after 90 days of employment.

    10.    Who controls the pricing of loans and which lender to underwrite and fund loans with?

    The area sales manager controls the placing of loans and pricing for their team.

    11.    Does the area sales manager have any limitations on the number of employees on their team or offices they manage?

    No, you may oversee as many branches and have as many employees under your leadership as you can effectively manage. The only restriction would be if an area sales manager has earned exclusivity in their market, you will not be allowed to open an office within the MSA.

    12.    How does payroll work?

    All employees are paid on a W-2 basis. Payroll is processed on the 15th and last day of each month. Commissions for all loans closed during a month are paid on the 15th of the following month. Area sales managers are responsible for time tracking and the breakdown of compensation for all team employees. They will spend time tracking hourly wages and salaries to be paid by the 8th and 23rd of each month. Additionally, by the 8th of each month, they will send in production spreadsheets/commission reports. Corporate will review all payroll and expenses prior to being processed. Area sales manager compensation and LO Comp for all originators can be changed quarterly. Outside loan officers can be commission only.

    13.    What loan origination software does Flagship utilize?

    Flagship utilizes Lending Pad as our LOS. This is a technology-driven web-based platform. Area Sales Managers are financially responsible for the actual cost of this platform for their access and any loan officers or processors on their team.

    14.    What other technology does Flagship utilize? Can I set up my own website?

    Website: Flagship’s website is provided by Lender Home Page. Area sales managers can leverage this platform for individual branches and additional LO web pages for your team. If chosen, area sales managers will be responsible for the actual cost charged to Flagship by Lender Home Page. Yes, area sales managers may set up a separate domain/website. Any separate websites must receive prior approval before making them publicly available, and they must be fully compliant with state and federal guidelines. Area sales managers are solely responsible for separate websites.

    Point of Sale (POS): Flagship employees have access to United Wholesale Mortgage’s Blink+ platform and technology free of charge for their POS (Point of Sale) technology. Additionally, Flagship employees will have access to LoanZify, the POS from our website provider Lender Home Page. Area sales managers and their teams can utilize different POS if they prefer. The costs of the Loanzify POS or other POS are the responsibility of the area sales manager.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Flagship employees have access to United Wholesale Mortgage’s Brand 360 CRM and marketing platform and technology free of charge. Area sales managers and their teams can utilize any CRM platform they prefer. The costs for the CRM are the responsibility of the area sales manager.

    Phone System: Flagship utilizes Ring Central for IP phones. Area sales managers may leverage this system. The cost for the equipment required in the branch and monthly access to the system will be charged against the team account/profit and loss.

    15.    Does Flagship operate as a broker, banker, or both?

    Flagship is currently a broker. We do have plans to become a lender in the future. However, our business plan is to allow area sales managers the opportunity to broker or bank loans without a right of first refusal.

    16.    What type of marketing support will the branch office receive?

    While marketing and business development decisions are primarily the responsibility of the area sales manager, you will have the opportunity to leverage the infrastructure and connections within Flagship. Furthermore, our corporate staff will help brand your business, primarily on social media.

    17.    What are the compliance procedures and requirements within Flagship?

    Area sales managers will be trained on federal and state compliance requirements and Flagship's internal policies, procedures, and technology.

    18.    Can the Area Sales Manager utilize the credit provider they prefer?

    Flagship is currently utilizing Advantage Credit as our credit provider. However, we are open to establishing relationships with other credit service providers.

    19.    What is the next step? How long does it take to get a branch set up and operational?

    The next step is to put time and effort into completing the success/business strategy plan. When you have completed the plan. Send to Jeff Flees at jflees@flagshipunitedmortgage.com and schedule a time to discuss your goals and plan. Once both parties have agreed to move forward, we will work to transfer your license and get you operational. The process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

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